by Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

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Louisiana Department of Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson said there was growing support for a state gas tax increase during a series of regional town hall meetings held throughout the state. The meetings are the result of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ (D) gas tax increase task force, which seeks a solution for the state’s $10 million transportation funding shortfall. Read More>>

New Jersey is offering $2.8 billion in bonds to provide immediate relief for the strained Transportation Trust Fund, which will receive long-term funding through a recently approved eight year, $16 billion plan that will be funded by the state’s gasoline and diesel tax increase. Read More>>

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) on Oct. 26 blamed House Republicans for blocking $100 million in federal highway funds, impacting road and bridge projects in nearly 30 communities. Read More>>

The California Transportation Commission on Oct. 21 announced $244 million in new funding to 71 projects throughout the state that will “improve highways, bridges and passenger rail and help develop more active transportation options.” Of that revenue, $15.8 million was sourced from Proposition 1B, a bond approved by voters in 2006. The remaining $74 million was allocated from state and federal accounts. Read More>>

California transportation funding is falling short by $1.9 billion annually, according to the “2016 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment Report” released Oct. 21 by the California State Association of Counties and the League of California Cities. The report also found that 52 of the 58 counties have “poor” or “at risk” pavement conditions, an increase of 10 counties since 2008. The report estimates that bringing streets and roads to optimal condition would require $7 billion annually. Read More>>