with Tyler Kane, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

Budget committees in New Jersey’s Senate and General Assembly on June 23 approved legislation to increase funding for the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), sending the identical companion bills to each floor for consideration. Both the Senate and General Assembly are expected to hold a full vote on the plan on June 27, which includes increasing the gas tax as well as eliminating the state’s estate tax. The Senate Budget Committee passed the bills 8-4, and the Assembly Budget Committee passed the legislation 10-2.

Minnesota lawmakers have reportedly reached a standstill on calling a special session to include transportation funding in their state’s budget, a measure supported by several municipal governments. Both political parties have accused each other of avoiding compromise on certain key amendments, which is what ultimately killed the original transportation legislation voted on in May. Read More>>

Kansas now ranks 49th in the nation in construction employment after a 5.6 percent drop in employment since last year, according to a June 2016 U.S. Department of Labor analysis. The drop occurs in conjunction with several costly transportation project delays, including $300 million in Kansas’ “T-Works” projects, and 25 highway construction projects that were valued at $550 million. Read More >>

Due to Nebraska’s variable-rate state motor fuel tax, which is partially determined by changes in the average wholesale price of fuel and adjusted every six months, the state’s motor fuel tax will drop by 1 cent-per-gallon on July 1. Read More>>

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