Seventy-two bills in 35 states are currently being tracked in the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center’s ‘State Transportation Funding Monthly Report’, with more anticipated as the year progresses. Eight states are evaluating measures to increase their motor fuel tax, while five other states are discussing proposing legislation to do so. Two states have transportation funding measures on the November ballot.

So far this year:

  • Rhode Island increased transportation funding by instituting tolls on large commercial trucks in order to repair and maintain the state’s bridges. In combination with new and refinanced bonds, a Feb. 2 fiscal analysis estimates a $542.5 million increase over the next five years.
  • Indiana Lawmakers approved legislation to provide $800 million in new transportation funding through a combination of transfers from the state’s budget reserves and surplus fund, returning a portion of local income tax (with 75 percent allocated to roads), and utilizing one percent of the state’s sales tax on gasoline. The legislation is currently pending approval from Gov. Mike Pence (R).
  • Using revenue generated by last year’s gas tax increase as well as cash reserves, Nebraska lawmakers approved legislation on March 15 to invest $450 million over 17 years in highway and bridge construction. The bill will also create a transportation infrastructure bank, which will enable three state transportation infrastructure programs to accelerate construction. The measure now goes to final vote before being sent to Gov. Pete Ricketts (R).

Other topics discussed so far this year include motor fuel tax increases, local funding, bonds, fees for alternative fuels, and more.

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