New Jersey completed the state’s final sale of bonds on Nov. 16 as part of a five-year transportation funding plan. If new revenue is not generated, beginning July 1 the state said it would not be able to fund transportation construction projects. More

Additional concern has been raised over how New Jersey will produce its share of the Hudson River tunnel project. At over 100 years old, the tunnel has been in need of maintenance for several years. Damage done by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 exacerbated the need for significant repairs and construction. An agreement announced Nov. 12 would result in the U.S. Department of Transportation funding half of the $20 billion project, with the remaining sum to be provided by New York and New Jersey. More

Missouri House Transportation Committee chairman Glen Kolkmeyer (R- District 53) stated his intent on Nov. 19 to pre-file a bill for the 2016 legislative session that could increase the state’s gasoline tax by 2 cents-per-gallon if approved. The representative stressed the urgency of increased transportation revenue, especially to ensure the state can continue matching federal funds. More