Providing further proof that voting for a gas tax increase to fund transportation investments has not hurt lawmakers at the ballot box, every Virginia incumbent state senator was reelected during the statewide Nov. 3 general election. The 2015 general election was the first time state senators faced reelection for their seat after the passage of 2013 legislation that scrapped the flat state gas tax, raised the state sales tax, created a tax on wholesale gas and diesel, and charged a registration fee for electric and alternative-fuel vehicles. All sixteen senators—twelve Democratic lawmakers and four Republicans—running for reelection who had supported the bill were voted back into office.  All eleven senators—ten Republican and one Democratic lawmaker—who voted against the bill and ran for reelection also retained their seats.

An ARTBA Transportation Investment Advocacy Center analysis released May 12 found 95 percent of all Republican state legislators and 88 percent of Democratic state legislators who voted to increase their state gas tax to fund transportation improvements in 2013 and 2014 and ran for reelection won their races.

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