This ballot referendum campaign in Atlanta, Georgia failed to pass the “Special District Transportation Sales and Use Tax” in each of the ten counties in the Atlanta region, although it did pass within the limits of the City of Atlanta.  Georgia is one of only a few states that allow local governments to levy an additional sales tax on the sale of motor fuel.  The 2010 Transportation Investment Act—House Bill 277—established the context for this special transportation referendum. The legislation granted twelve regions the ability to pass a one cent sales tax to fund transportation projects over a ten-year period. This referendum included a $7.2 billion transportation package that proposed a one percent sales tax over a ten-year period to fund roads and mass transportation.  85 percent of the funds would have been allocated for a regional list of proposed projects, and 15 percent of the funds would have been given to the cities and counties to spend on their own transportation needs.  48 percent of the proposed transportation funding would have been allocated for roads and the rest was designated for buses, trains, trails and bicycle proposals.