Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) on Nov. 6 said he believes lawmakers will pass a state gas tax increase in 2016 in order to generate new revenue for the state’s roads and bridges. During a speech with the Gulf United Metro Business Organization, the governor suggested that the low price of fuel, uncertainty over federal funding, and increasing transportation infrastructure needs will drive legislators to action. While unable to predict the amount, Gov. Bentley voiced his support for a measure.

“I do think the gasoline tax is one tax that will certainly be strongly looked at and I think it will be passed,” Bentley said. “People in this state want good bridges. It will come up in the next session and there is a reasonably good chance it will pass and I’m for it.”

Alabama, which has not increased their state gas tax since 1992, is facing significant transportation infrastructure needs. Additionally, like some other states, the transportation fund has been used in the past to transfer revenue into the General Fund. A bill to raise Alabama’s state gas tax failed to advance during the 2015 legislative session.