Three advocates will discuss how they successfully campaigned to increase state transportation investment while facing organized resistance from groups opposed to tax increases during a free webinar 3:30 pm EDT Dec. 7. The best practices they share will help other transportation advocates facing similar challenges.

Seth Millican, executive director of the Georgia Transportation Alliance, will discuss how the state’s largely conservative leadership came together to strike a bipartisan deal in order to meet the Georgia’s dire transportation funding needs.

Jeff Southard, executive vice president of the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance, will explore how his coalition helped overcome political opposition to raising taxes in order to increase revenues for transportation.

Abby Albrecht, director of the Utah Transportation Coalition, will share how the state’s conservative legislature came to agree on a gas tax increase, and how her coalition fought back against organizations encouraging voters to veto a local transportation funding increase on the Nov. 3 ballots of 17 counties.

This webinar is hosted by ARTBA’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center, an internet-based educational platform that features detailed reports, analyses and case studies of recent transportation funding campaigns—both successful and unsuccessful—mounted in numerous states. It includes television, radio and print ads, polling, an overview of state and local funding and finance mechanisms, and an ongoing blog detailing new developments across the nation.

Please contact Carolyn Kramer at with any questions. Register for the free webinar.