With five major state road projects delayed due to insufficient funds, Wisconsin lawmakers are scrambling to find revenue to fill the transportation funding gap.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has responded by issuing a request on Oct. 6 for $350 million in bonds to pay for the delayed road projects. According to the state budget, the first half of the bonds would be repaid with taxes from the General Fund, and the second half would come from transportation-related taxes.

Meanwhile, Rep. Robb Kahl (D-Monona) stated his intention to introduce a bill that would index the state’s motor fuel tax rate in order to restore reliable, long-term transportation funding. Wisconsin had previously indexed the state’s gas tax from 1985 to 2006, when it was repealed by the legislature. Rep. Kahl explained in an Oct. 6 press release that his bill would grant the Joint Finance Committee the ability to approve or prevent an increase.

“We need to stop burdening our children with debt to pay for roads they will personally never drive on,” Rep. Kahl said in his statement.

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