Unofficial results released by the Phoenix City Clerk Aug. 26 show that Phoenix residents voted 54.61 percent to 45.39 percent to enact Proposition 104—a 35-year plan, funded in part by a renewal and increase in the city transportation sales tax from 0.4 percent to 0.7 percent, to generate an anticipated $31.5 billion to fund transportation projects.

A campaign to support Proposition 104, MovePHX, states that the measure would provide 680 miles of new asphalt, 1,080 miles of new bike lanes, and $240 million in funding for the maintenance and modernization of the city’s roads and bridges. Proposition 104 would also triple the number of light rail miles and expand and improve bus routes and frequency.

MovePHX was strongly supported by Mayor Greg Stanton (D), who, according to the preliminary results, won reelection by 65.23 percent. On the MovePHX website, Mayor Stanton states, “the best city in America is about to get a whole lot better when we pass MovePHX in August. Every community will see significant improvements to its roads and bus services. With this plan we’ll make public transportation more accessible and efficient than ever in our history.”

The final update from the City Clark will be released on Friday, Aug. 28.