The TIAC staff researches and prepares detailed case studies of recent successful—and unsuccessful—state and local legislative and ballot initiative campaigns aimed at increasing transportation infrastructure investment. For each case, the studies dig into the politics, issues, media and major players involved in the effort. You’ll also find here a summary of successful campaign “Best Practices” gleaned from this research.

The Nebraska legislature voted on May 14 to override the Governor’s veto of a 6 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase. The increase will be gradually implemented over 4 years, starting with 1.5 cents-per-gallon on January 1, 2016. By passing this bill, Nebraska became the sixth state in 2015 to approve a gas tax increase.

An in-depth case study on the 2015 Nebraska gas tax increase is now available, including history of the state’s gas tax, the demonstrated need for an increase, the breakdown of the legislation and how it was passed, who supported the bill, and who opposed the bill. To view the case study, visit: Nebraska Legislative Gas Tax Increase (2015). To view other case studies, visit the ‘Campaign Case Studies’ tab.

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