The Connecticut legislature and Governor Dannel Malloy (D) announced May 31 a state budget agreement to provide $10 billion over the next five years for transportation infrastructure, a $2.8 billion increase that will be partially funded by redirecting half of 1 cent from the state’s sales tax. If approved, it would be the largest investment in transportation in the state’s history.

The budget compromise also includes an increase in corporate taxes, a 0.29 percent increase in the top-income tax rate, and a 0.5 percent redirection of the sales tax to be dedicated to cities and towns.

The transportation plan will allocate $613 million for highways, $281 million for bridge work, $101 million for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and $43 million for bus service (a 25 percent expansion on current funding).

The Connecticut House of Representatives narrowly approved the budget 73-70 on June 3, with all Republicans and 11 Democrats voting against the bill. The Senate has until the June 3 midnight adjournment deadline to approve the bill.