Nebraska lawmakers are attempting to gather support for a veto override after approving a state gas tax increase and sending the bill to the desk of Gov. Pete Ricketts (R).

The Nebraska Unicameral Legislature voted 26-15 on May 7 to approve legislation that would gradually increase the state’s gas tax by 6 cents-per-gallon over four years in order to fund the maintenance and modernization of the state’s roads and bridges. Once fully implemented, the Fiscal Note estimates Legislative Bill 610 would generate $25.4 million per year for the state Department of Roads and an additional $50.8 million for cities and counties.

Gov. Ricketts unequivocally stated his intent to veto the bill, in which case the legislature would need a minimum of 30 votes to override the governor’s veto, four more than the number of legislators who approved the bill. Eight legislators did not vote on the bill.

Update: The same day the Nebraska Legislature approved a bill to increase the state gas tax by 6 cents-per-gallon, Governor Pete Ricketts (R) issued a veto of the legislation.