The S.D. House voted 51-14 on March 10 to pass a modified transportation funding bill. Senate Bill 1 now goes back to the Senate for review of the changes.

The state Senate originally passed SB 1 on Feb. 11 with a vote of 26-8. The legislation would have raised the state motor fuel tax by 4 cents-per-gallon initially, and then increased it 2 cents each year starting in 2017 and ending in 2023. Additional components of the bill included a 10 percent increase in vehicle registration and licensing fees, and permission for counties to increase local wheel taxes and levies for transportation purposes.

In the version passed by the House on Tuesday, SB 1 would gradually raise the state motor fuel tax by 6 cents-per-gallon. The House’s modifications also include larger increases in vehicle registration and licensing fees, and permits counties to charge a greater amount in wheel taxes and levies. Additionally, House legislators added a provision to increase the interstate speed limit to 80 miles per hour.

If the Senate approves the changes, legislators will issue a concurrence vote and send the bill to the governor for review. However, if the Senate disagrees with the changes, a conference committee of three lawmakers from each house will convene to reach a compromise between the two versions. The South Dakota legislature has three days left before a scheduled two-week recess. The state’s main 2015 Legislative Session ends on March 30.

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