Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R) on Feb. 25 approved a 10 cents-per-gallon state gas tax increase, the first in the state since 1989. The increase, effective March 1, is estimated to generate over $200 million for transportation funding in the next fiscal year.

Before signing the bill into law Branstad told reporters, “I believe that the leadership deserves credit for working together on a bipartisan basis to pass a piece of legislation that I think will be very beneficial to meeting the needs of the counties and cities as well as the state transportation network.”

The state legislature passed the bills to increase the state gas tax on Feb. 24. The House passed House File 351 with 53 in favor and 46 opposed—23 out of the 42 House Democrats and 30 of the 56 House Republicans approved the bill. The Senate passed companion bill Senate File 257 with 28 in favor and 21 opposed—16 out of 26 Senate Democrats and 12 out of 23 Senate Republicans approved the bill.

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