On November 4, six states will be asking residents to vote upon transportation measures that will determine investment in the region’s infrastructure.

  • Wisconsin Transportation Fund Amendment, Question 1: Wisconsin voters are being asked to consider a measure that would require revenue generated from taxes on motor vehicle fuel, registration, licensing, and other transportation fees be deposited directly into the state’s transportation fund.
  • Texas Transportation Funding Amendment: Texas residents will consider a measure to redirect half of the revenue generated from oil and gas taxes away from the state’s general Rainy Day Fund, to be deposited into the State Highway Fund. This amendment will generate approximately $1.2 billion per year to fund construction and maintenance on public roads.
  • Maryland Transportation Fund Amendment: The Maryland ballot measure proposes the establishment of a transportation trust fund in the Maryland Constitution, from which revenues generated by motor fuel taxes, motor vehicle excise taxes, registration and licensing fees, as well as and additional transportation-related fees  would go towards paying transportation-related bond debt and the modernization and maintenance of highways.
  • The Louisiana State Infrastructure Bank Amendment: Louisiana residents are also voting on a transportation “lockbox” initiative on Tuesday. The ballot measure asks voters to approve a constitutional amendment to permit the creation of a state infrastructure bank.
  • Rhode Island Mass Transit Hub Infrastructure Bonds: Rhode Island residents are voting to approve a measure that will permit the state to issue $35 million in bonds in order to fund projects for maintaining and improving mass transit hub infrastructure.
  • Massachusetts Anti-Indexing Measure: The “Tank the Automatic Gas Tax Hike Ballot Measure” was put on the ballot to repeal part of a law which increases the state gas tax annually to match the growth in the consumer price index. Massachusetts voters will decide whether to sustain this investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure or remove the indexing, jeopardizing $1 billion in transportation improvements over the next decade.

Check back on Wednesday November 5 for a full analysis of Tuesday’s state, county and local transportation ballot measures.