Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe June 18 announced the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved a statewide $13.1 billion Six-Year Improvement Plan (2015-20) that will support major improvements to roads, bridges, highways, rail, transit, and bicycle/pedestrian paths.

McAuliffe formulated the plan after holding hearings in nine regions throughout Virginia in order to receive feedback on the draft program proposed in April. Nearly 400 people attended these meetings, from whom 1,620 oral and written comments collected. The plan was then adjusted to reflect the responses received.

In accordance with House Bill 2, a prioritization process signed into law by McAuliffe earlier this year, the program will soon be updated with projects picked objectively based on regional needs. The CTB will work in conjunction with localities to determine the weights of key factors, such as congestion alleviation, economic development, accessibility, safety and environmental quality. Through this procedure, specific projects will be vetted and chosen for financing beginning in July 2016.