A poll released June 12 by the Laborers’ International Union of America (LIUNA) demonstrated that a majority of Americans are worried about unsafe conditions on the nation’s roads. The survey, conducted by Hart Research Associates, found that:

  •  Nearly three out of ten Americans believe poor road conditions have contributed to an accident;
  • Two-thirds say that poor road conditions are creating additional wear on their vehicles;
  • 69% think that poor road conditions are wearing down their vehicles.
  • 59% of Americans worry about unsafe road conditions created by poor road surfaces, and 27% worry about this frequently;
  • 28% believe road conditions been a contributing factor to an accident that they or someone they know have had;
  • 40% say that poor road conditions have almost caused an accident for themselves or an acquaintance; and
  • Throughout the United States, Americans in the Northeast (69%) and Midwest (67%) are most concerned about the poor condition of roads, as well as residents of urban areas (70%).

For more information on the poll conducted by LIUNA, visit: http://www.liuna.org/poll.

To view the infographics detailing LIUNA’s findings, visit: https://static.mopro.com/2/CA03E98E-A994-4489-9B13-B32169AB17BA/fd029027-496d-4718-8854-04095c7d4577.pdf.