Business leaders in Santa Clara County, California have decided to wait until 2016 to move forward on a ballot initiative campaign to increase the county sales tax for transportation investment.

The proposed sales tax increase was expected to raise $3.7 billion over the next three decades and would have funded a variety transportation projects, including an expansion of BART rail and road maintenance and modernization. While an April survey showed support for the new tax to be at 73 percent, low voter turnout in the June 3 primary election has raised doubts on whether there would be enough support at the November polls to approve the initiative. Instead, business leaders have decided to wait until the November 2016 elections, when voter turnout is expected to be high due to the presidential race.

Neighboring Alameda County will see a measure on the November 2014 ballot that proposes a half-cent county sales tax to fund transportation infrastructure maintenance and improvements. If approved by voters, the measure would expire after 30 years.