Gov. Maggie Hassan signed legislation to raise the New Hampshire gasoline and diesel fuel taxes by four cents per gallon, the first increase in 23 years. The tax will go into effect July 1 and had bipartisan political and business community support. The new gas tax will be 22-cents per gallon and the new diesel tax will be 23.6 cents per gallon.

“This legislation is an important step toward addressing our transportation needs, keeping New Hampshire’s economy moving forward by advancing critical road and bridge projects, finishing the long-overdue expansion of Interstate 93 and improving commutes for our workers and visitors,” said Hassan in a press release.

The tax will fund highway improvements for the next two years, and then half the tax will be earmarked to pay off $200 million in debt for Interstate 93 expansions. The tax will expire in 20 years after the debt is paid off.

New Hampshire’s gas tax remains the lowest in New England.