Last week Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a new state bond that will provide almost $1.9 billion for roads, bridges and local infrastructure projects over the next ten years.

State Issue 1 is the third renewal of the State Capital Improvement Program, initiated originally in 1987 and last renewed in 2005. Currently $150 million is available annually for grants to improve local roads, bridges, and other public works projects. The newly passed amendment provides up to $175 million in state borrowing annually for five years, increasing to $200 million per year for the remaining five years. The ballot passed with broad bipartisan support and minimal public opposition.

“Ohio’s successful public works program will be extended 10 more years thanks to approval by Ohio voters, and this is good news for our local communities who rely on this support to improve their roads, bridges and infrastructure,” Governor John Kasich said. “I’m grateful for the broad, bi-partisan leadership that helped us renew and strengthen this important program that creates jobs and builds stronger communities in every county of the state.”