Massachusetts legislators are considering a bill to allow regional transportation ballot initiatives so communities have more flexibility to improve infrastructure and develop their economies. If approved, local voters would be able raise money through various taxes. The bill is in a conference committee. Read more>>


In New Jersey, Sayreville Borough council members want to spend $4 million to improve 11 local roads. Their plan calls for borrowing $3.55 million, with the $450,000 balance from a New Jersey Department of Transportation grant. A public hearing on the bond is scheduled for Sept. 14. Read more>>


In southern Nevada, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a $41.4 million roadway funding shortfall. Bill Thomas, executive director of Regional Transportation Commission in Washoe, says necessary transportation projects cannot be reliably funded due to unpredictable sales and fuel tax revenue collections. Read more>>


Illinois Department of Transportation officials are allowing local governments and planning commissions to apply for $2 million in grants. A statewide total of $105.6 million is available. The application deadline is Nov. 2. Read more>>