In California, a Sonoma County measure to renew a quarter-cent sales tax measure funding transportation projects will be on Nov. 3 ballot. This measure will generate $25 million, will extend the tax for another 20 years, and will require a two-thirds majority vote to pass. Read more>>


Maine voters July 14 approved a $105 million bond issue for highway, bridge, harbor, and freight projects, which will be matched by $275 million in federal and other funds. Maine Transportation Commissioner Bruce Van Note said the bond will mean the difference between building or canceling projects. Read more>>


Lincoln, Nebraska, Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) says he plans to borrow $25 million in bonds backed by gas tax revenue. City officials say this will boost Lincoln’s street repair funds and restore proposed budget cuts to road and sidewalk improvement. Read more>>


Massachusetts state Sen. Joe Boncore (D – 1) said a $16.9 billion transportation bond bill be introduced next week to address the Senate’s policy and capital spending goals for transportation. Boncore also said the pandemic has canceled discussions of any tax hikes this year. Read more>>


In Oregon, the Bend City Council approved drafting a ballot measure fashioned after the $190 million transportation bond measure canceled in March due to COVID-19. The original measure included dozens of projects to ease traffic congestion improving safety and connectivity. Read more>>


The Missouri Department of Transportation’s $50 million budget to fund Gov. Mike Parsons’s (R) Cost-Share Program has been halved due to COVID-19 financial constraints. Several of the original 19 projects are now scaled back. Read more>>