In Ohio, Hamilton County voters narrowly approved a sales tax increase to raise $130 million additional annual revenue for transportation. Issue 7 raised the county sales tax by 0.8 percent to 7.8 percent for the next 25 years. The money will be applied to bus service and road improvements. Read more>>


The New Jersey turnpike authority approved toll increases to fund $24 billion in transportation construction improvements over the next decade. The projects include highway widening, bridge rehabilitation, and electronic tolling collections. The work is part of Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) emission reduction plan. Read more>>


Connecticut Treasurer Shawn Wooden announced an $850 million bond sale to bolster the state’s transportation program. Wooden said the bonds will finance upgrades to bridges, highways, interchanges, and other projects. Read more>>


In Oregon, Portland voters extended the city’s 10-cents-per-gallon gas tax for another four years. The ballot measure received 77 percent approval and is projected to generate $75 million for paving and safety projects. Read more>>


Wyoming Department of Transportation Director Luke Reiner urged state lawmakers to pass a road usage charge as “an acceptable, sustainable, feasible solution to revenue for roads.” Lawmakers meet again July 10.  Read more>>


These states say declining motor fuel tax revenue collections due to reduced traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting transportation construction and repair projects.

  • New Mexico transportation projects could lose funding as legislators try to offset projected revenue declines elsewhere in the state budget due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said state Javier Martíne (D-Albuquerque). Read more>>
  • The Georgia Road and Tollway Authority says it expects to lose 28 percent ($12.8 million) of its annual revenue from March through June 30 due to decreased traffic levels. The agency announced it may reduce, delay, or suspended some capital projects. Read more>>
  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike announced a 25 percent cut to its capital budget. The International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association asked Congress for $9.2 billion in construction funding to cover pandemic-related shortfalls. Read more>>
  • The town and city of Plattsburg, New York may lose $450,000 in roadway funding from the state, said Plattsburg Town Supervisor Michael Cashman. Read more>>
  • The South Carolina Department of Transportation forecast a $78 million revenue decline through July due to diminished gas and vehicle sales tax revenues. Nevertheless, State Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall said he does not expect any disruption to core priorities including current road and bridge projects. Read more>>
  • The Texas highway fund is projected to lose $600 million in oil, gas, and motor fuel tax revenue, said state Comptroller Glenn Hegar. Read more>>
  • Tennessee Bill Lee (R) said the state is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues, including gas proceeds, but remains well positioned to address budget shortfalls. Read more>>