Washington State House Democrats released their 2021 transportation budget with a $453 million shortfall.  The key reason for the gap is Initiative 976, the measure approved by voters last fall that capped car taxes at $30 and repealed transportation benefit district fees. State officials predict more than $4 billion of revenue to state and local governments will be lost over the next six years. Read more>>


The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition voiced its support for a gas tax increase and warned that transportation costs are outpacing available funding. Coalition member and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President Ashli Watts warned legislators of the costs insufficient transportation funding has on Kentucky drivers. Read more>>


Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) said he supports borrowing about $200 million from the General Fund to pay for highway, bridge, and rail work. However, this increase still does not match the $2 billion per year transportation officials say is needed to address the aging and overcrowded highway system. Read more>>


Louisiana state Sen. Rick Ward (R – 17) says he will propose a constitutional amendment allocating surplus state severance tax revenue to local transportation projects. He did not say how much money municipalities might receive. If proposed as an amendment, the measure will require a two-thirds vote of the legislature and simple majority passage by state voters later this year. Read more>>


Minnesota Senate Assistant Majority Leader Gary Dahms (R – Redwood Falls) and state Rep. Paul Torkelson (R – Hanska) each issued press releases on their expectations for the 2020 Legislative Session, which convened on Feb. 11 and must adjourn by May 19. Both lawmakers highlighted transportation investment as a priority for the state legislature this year. Read more>>


Massachusetts House leaders could generate between $522 million and $612 million annually through a proposed 5-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase package. It would be accompanied by an increase to ride-hailing service fees and an end the sales tax exemption for rental car companies when purchasing vehicles in a larger bill. Read more>>