ARTBA-TIAC provides live tracking of state transportation investment legislation. Below are some recent developments. Visit the State Legislation page to follow the progress of transportation investment in state legislatures.


The Virginia House Finance Committee approved Del. Delores McQuinn’s (D -70) proposal to raise state taxes and provide nearly $170 million annually for transportation.  House Bill 1541, which would raise the sales tax by 0.7 percent and wholesale fuels taxes by 2.1 percent in nine counties or municipalities, has been referred to the Appropriations Committee. The legislation is one of more than a dozen bills introduced this year to increase transportation investment in Virginia. Read more>>


Idaho State Rep. Joe Palmer (R – 20A) has proposed doubling the state sales tax dedicated to roads to 2 percent. Palmer’s House Bill 325 would allocate an extra $18 million annually to transportation with the aim of decreasing statewide congestion.  Read More>>


Washington State Sen. Steve O’Ban (R – 28) introduced Senate Bill 6108 to nullify transit taxes in cities with fewer than 1 million residents.  which could include certain voter approved taxes. The Pierce County Council voted against the bill, and councilmember Pam Roach noted the resolution wouldn’t fare well in the state Senate. Read More>>


Illinois State Sen. Bill Cunningham (D – 18) proposed legislation to allow local governments to implement a 3 percent municipal gas tax. Cunningham expects Senate Bill 2978 could come up for vote before the late May close of the legislative session. Read More>>


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