The newly redesigned Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC) website——is a resource-rich platform for state and local transportation funding advocates. It provides information about:

State legislation

  • Election analysis
  • Campaign case studies
  • Funding methods
  • Model legislative language
  • Webinar recordings
  • Annual workshop and other advocate networking event alerts

The redesigned website features an enhanced search function, improved navigation tools, and a new organization structure to help advocates quickly find the resources they need to answer lawmaker and voter questions to help build successful funding campaigns.

Since its 2014 inception, the Center has grown into a substantial clearinghouse of information. It produces dozens of reports, hosts widely-attended events and webinars, facilitates networking and information exchanges, and follows the latest highway, bridge, and public transit news at the statehouse and ballot box.

Most importantly, as the “go-to” resource for state and local transportation investment, the Center has supported the development and execution of dozens of successful state and local campaigns across the United States.

The Center is a project of ARTBA’s “Transportation Makes America Work!” (TMAW) program, which is funded through voluntary contributions and sponsorship. To become a sponsor, contact Director Carolyn Kramer.