West Virginia is $5.5 billion behind the estimated amount needed to adequately complete, repair, and maintain the state road system. Deputy Highways Commissioner, Jimmy Wriston, highlighted this disparity citing a 2013 report recommending the state more than double its $1.1 billion annual road spending. Read more>>


In Pennsylvania, $4 billion of unmet transportation needs have been highlighted by the Lehigh Valley Transportation Study. Due to massive cuts and a lack of federal funding, the study contains a 25-year plan to spend $2,480,130,108 on transportation projects. Read More>>


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) vetoed a $400 million one-time transportation package from a budget proposed by the Republican-led legislature. Whitmer says this, and other vetoed funding measures, would eviscerate critical health and safety functions. Read more>>


Missouri Lieutenant Gov. Mike Kehoe (R) highlighted the need for a long-term transportation funding solution. Kehoe said Missourians would have decide if an increase to the state’s 23-year-old gas tax is appropriate. Read more>>


In Bend, Oregon, a $100 million bond could make it on the May 2020 ballot as city council members examine transportation solutions for the growing community. In a recent survey, Bend residents highlighted the need for facilitated parkway access, congestion relief, and increased pedestrian access. Read more>>


In Arizona, House Transportation Committee Chair, Representative Noel Campbell (R – Prescott), is crafting legislation to double the state’s 18-cents-per-gallon gasoline tax. A two-thirds vote in both chambers is needed to alter the tax and Gov. Doug Ducey (R) says there’s no need for more transportation funding. Read more>>


In California, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) board is seeking to pilot congestion relief pricing in Los Angeles County. LA Metro has contracted two organization to investigate motorist pricing strategies, pricing models, possible locations, and lead a public outreach study. Read more>>


In New York, the Port Authority approved a $37 billion 10-year capital improvement plan to increase tolls, fares, and other fees. The increases will pay for $4.8 billion in additional multimodal projects. Increases will take effect in January. Read more>>