Phoenix, Arizona, residents Aug. 27 voted to preserve light rail funding in their city. More than 62 percent supported transit investment in the fourth such referendum in 19 years. Read More>> 


The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) aims to complete $435 million worth of transportation projects despite losing about $2.5 billion in funding diversions over the last decade. The state legislature is advancing a plan to prohibit more diversions which would allow KDOT to issue new bonds by 2022. Read More>> 


Maine legislators approved a measure for the Nov. 5 general election ballot that could provide $105 million in bonds for highway and bridge repair projects. Three other bond packages have failed this summer as Republican lawmakers feuded with Gov. Janet Mills (D) during a special legislative session. Read More>>


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is redirecting $150 million in state and federal funds over several years from county roads to improve interstates. Susquehanna County Commissioner Alan Hall argues the revenue should instead be taken from the state’s $900 million rainy day fund. Read More>>


A survey of Colorado voters found that 54 percent approve a Nov. 2020 ballot measure allowing the state to keep extra tax revenue for investment in roads, bridges, transit, and other non-transportation purposes. Under state law, this surplus revenue would otherwise have to be refunded to taxpayers. Read More>>


Illinois gas prices are at their lowest in three years despite a June 28 gas tax increase. Low prices are largely driven by the strong U.S. oil production rate. Read More>>