Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson recommends raising the gas tax in the next two years. Read More>>


Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, faces a $4.39 billion gap in transportation funding needs over the next 25 years just to maintain existing assets. The region may have to delay or cancel some big projects due to statewide cuts. Read More>>


Also in Pennsylvania, the “Restore Pennsylvania” plan aims to improve secondary and rural roads in “poor” and “fair” condition. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) has proposed a new severance tax based on natural gas production to fund the plan. Read More>>


Massachusetts state legislators are preparing to debate a transportation funding package this fall. Some have supported indexing the gas tax to inflation while House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D – 19) is considering a gas tax increase. Indexing the gas tax was originally approved by lawmakers in 2013 but overturned by voters the next year. Read More>>


In South Carolina the amount of statewide road work under construction has tripled to almost $3 billion due to a 12-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase. The tax has generated an historic $198 million in road improvement funding since July 2017.Read More>>


The County Road Association of Michigan reported that all 14 road millage renewals passed with an average support rate of 75 percent during an Aug. 6 primary election. Read More>>


The Hawaii Road Usage Charge will begin the second phase of implementation as volunteer participants are offered an automated means of measuring distance travelled and receiving road usage reports. Read More>>


The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Aug. 6 launched the “Keep Oregon Connected” campaign to educate Oregonians about transportation funding issues and how OReGO works to solve it. After a study concluded that most residents were unaware of the state’s transportation funding challenges and ODOT’s efforts, the agency created a host of educational materials and plans to bring the campaign to community events around the state through 2020. The first installation begins with the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Aug. 23-25. Read More>>