Missouri voters last year rejected a transportation funding measure despite the state’s $800 million annual shortfall for roads and bridges. Why? ARTBA’s “Transportation Investment Advocacy Center”™ (ARTBA-TIAC) in a new report explores how the $400 million annual funding measure introduced by the state legislature failed to win voter approval.


Michigan roads in poor condition now outnumber those in fair condition , according to the annual Roads and Bridges report. The May 3 survey shows that from 2005 to 2018 more roads deteriorated than were improved. Read More>>


A $1.837 billion Colorado bond issue has been moved to 2020 instead of this year’s ballot. State legislators worried that competition with another transportation investment measure could jeopardize both, as  occurred in the November 2018 general election. Read More>>


The Connecticut Special Transportation Fund could face a $11.5 million deficit by 2021 if consensus isn’t reached on new transportation revenue. The Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee May 6 opted not to endorse electronic tolling or motor vehicle fee increases, as recommended by Gov. Ned Lamont (D). Read More>>


The Pennsylvania Transportation Department (PennDOT) May 3 again redirected funding for a $300 million local road and bridge improvement program. This comes amid other project cancelations, which now won’t be pursued until more revenue is available. Read More>>


Iowa roads climbed from a C- in 2015 to a C+ rating, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) 2019 Report Card. Some of the improvement is due to a 2015 10-cents-per-gallon fuel tax increase, which secured more revenue for short-term needs.  ASCE’s May 2 report card still anticipates a $32.5 billion roadway funding shortfall over the next 20 years. Read More>>


An Illinois transportation funding amendment filed May 6 would grow transportation investment by $2.4 billion through increasing the state gas tax by 25 cents per gallon, indexing fuel taxes to inflation, and raising license and registration fees. Bill sponsor Sen. Martin Sandoval (D- Chicago) the next day announced the proposal with Sen. Don DeWitte (R- St. Charles), who says he supports the gas tax increase but has not yet signed on as a sponsor. DeWitte favors a provision that would include removing the state general sales tax currently levied on motor fuel purchases at the pump, revenue that is not dedicated to transportation funding. Read More>>