Missouri voters last year rejected a transportation funding measure despite the state’s $800 million annual shortfall for roads and bridges. Why? ARTBA’s “Transportation Investment Advocacy Center”™ (ARTBA-TIAC) in a new report explores how the $400 million annual funding measure introduced by the state legislature failed to win voter approval.

The report also reviews Missouri’s transportation funding history, factors that contributed to the shortfall, key players in the campaign, and prospects for future transportation investment efforts.

Read the case study on Missouri’s Proposition D (2018).

Learn more about this and other campaigns at the 6th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” on July 17 in Washington, D.C.  Len Toenjes, president of the Associated General Contractors of Missouri, will share his insights during the session “Battleground States: How National Politics Can Impact the Local Vote.” View the full agenda and register.

The TIAC staff researches and prepares detailed case studies of recent successful—and unsuccessful—state and local legislative and ballot initiative campaigns aimed at increasing transportation infrastructure investment. These studies dig into the politics, issues, media, and key players. Visit the ‘Campaign Case Studies’ tab on the TIAC website.