This measure would have amended Missouri statutes to fund the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s enforcement and administration of laws and traffic regulations. The funding would be provided by gradually increasing the state’s 17-cents-per-gallon motor fuel tax rate to 27 cents by July 2022. The measure would also increase the tax on alternative motor vehicle fuels by 10 cents per unit equivalent to a gallon of gasoline or diesel beginning Jan. 2026. The amendment would allow state income tax deductions for the value of any Olympic related prizes or awards and create an Emergency State Fright Bottleneck Fund dedicated to financing road improvement projects.

It is important to note that the Highway Patrol is funded with transportation revenue, which draws from the revenue the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) may use for transportation maintenance and construction. If passed, Proposition D would have generated $288 million annually for the State Road Fund and $123 million for local roads. This revenue would then be used to fund the Missouri Highway Patrol thus allowing the original 17 cents-per-gallon fuel tax to exclusively fund transportation related needs.

PDF-icon Case Study — Missouri — Proposition D (2019)