Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) proposed transportation investment plan would generate an additional $608 million over two years, $527 million of which would come from raising the gas tax and the remainder would come from fees on heavy trucks, hybrid vehicles, and vehicle titles.The plan would raise the current 32.9-cents-per-gallon gas tax by 8 cents  and index it, but its uncertain how this plan will be received by the Republican controlled legislature. Read More>>


Illinois state senator, Martin Sandoval (D-11), introduced legislation to raise an additional $2 billion annually to fund transportation infrastructure repairs. The bill consists of a 19-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase and increases to electric-vehicle fees and truck registration fees, the AP said March 27. Read More>>


Alabama state representative, Tom Fredricks (R-4), contends that the recently passed 10-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase bill is partially unconstitutional. Fredricks said March 27 he is planning a legal challenge over language that would allow the state to invest gas tax revenue in the Port of Mobile and waterway improvement. Read More>>