Colorado faces a $9 billion transportation project backlog due to competing legislative priorities and conflicting budget forecasts. Lawmakers provided a $2.5 billion boost for transportation over the past two sessions. Now, the best funding prospect is to hope predictions of excess revenue prevail over gloomier outlooks.  Read More>>


West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced that the Department of Highways this spring will commence a statewide paving and resurfacing program. This effort is bolstered by allocating “pay-as-you-go” revenue toward maintenance projects, including repair of the state’s secondary road systems.  Read More>>


The Connecticut Airport Authority plans to start constructing a $210 million ground transportation center at Bradley International Airport late this summer. The construction is financed by revenue bonds, which will be repaid with customer facility charges once the center is completed in 2022. Read More>>


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced the winners of the District 6 Innovations Challenge, which asked students to propose new solutions to work zone safety concerns. The program aims to kindle students’ creativity and strategic-thinking and spark their interest in PennDOT careers. Read More>>


Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) proposed a $600 million two-year transportation investment plan funded by an 8 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase and hiking heavy truck title fees. Evers also plans to repeal a “hidden” 14 cents- per-gallon gas tax which would lower the total price of gas. Read More>> 


The Michigan Department of Transportation has launched the Michigan Bridge Conditions dashboard, a database that provides motorists with safety information on more than 11,000 bridges across the state. Read More>>