Connecticut’s newly introduced SB 70 aims to create a state infrastructure bank to fund infrastructure improvements by financing a loan program. State Sen. Alex Bergstein (D) , who also introduced SB 102 – a separate bill that implements electronic tolls on major highways – on March 4 was continuing to gather support for the bills. Read More>>


As of March 6, Connecticut Department of Transportation officials are forming price points for 53 (down from 82) potential toll gantries on major roadways like I-84, I-91, I-95, and the Merritt and Wilbur parkways.  Officials are considering charging 4.4 cents per mile during peak hours and 3.5 cents per mile during off peak hours, which could generate an estimated $800 million each year. Read More>>


The Arkansas Senate approved legislation on March 5 that increases the wholesale fuel tax by 3 cents per gallon for gasoline and 6 cents per gallon for diesel. As part of Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s (R) $300 million highway funding plan, the tax hike will be accompanied by increased registration fees for hybrid and electric vehicles and at least $35 million annually in revenue from casinos. Read More>>


Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) called a special session on March 6 to levy an additional excise tax on motor fuel. Ivey also aims to make headway on increasing the authority of the Joint Transportation Committee and the Alabama Highway Finance Corp. Read More>>


Critical deficiencies in New York’s statewide and local transportation infrastructure have received extra attention after examination from Republican legislators. New York Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R – 132) said March 4 that the crisis necessitates action, specifically “cooperation on targeted legislation, strategic planning and, especially, investment.” Read More>>


Missouri State Sen. Bill Eigel (R – 23) on March 4 proposed legislation that would prompt voters to amend the state’s Constitution to prohibit road funds from being spent on the Highway Patrol and administrative costs. This could concede up to $300 million annually in infrastructure revenue. Read More>>


Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) on March 4 told Green Bay residents of his proposed gas tax increase, new car title fees, truck registration fees, and the repeal of the minimum markup law. Combined, the measures could generate $600 million in new funding for roads, ports, and transit over two years. Read More>> 


Did you miss the recent ARTBA/APTA/Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters? The data finds 96 percent believe improving infrastructure is at least “somewhat important” to future U.S. economic growth. This includes 62 percent who think it’s “very important,” while 3 percent believe infrastructure is “not very” or “not at all important.” Read More>>