In Alabama a proposed gas tax increase made progress on Feb. 19 when the League of Municipalities, the Counties Association, and Gov. Kay Ivey (R) agreed on a 12-cent per gallon increase to be split between the state, counties, and municipalities. The bill is expected to be introduced in the Alabama Legislature in March. Read More>>


Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) presented a $49.5 billion 2020-2021 general budget proposal on Feb.19 that includes increased motor vehicle registration taxes, a motor vehicle sales tax increase, and a 20-cents per gallon gas tax increase to be phased in by 2023 then indexed to inflation. The plan is being opposed by Republican legislators some of whom would prefer to direct state General Funds to transportation. Read More>>


Also in Minnesota, on Feb. 21 Sen. John Hoffman (DFL-36) said the state faces a $6 billion transportation funding gap as roads and bridges approach the end of their “useful life.” If legislators don’t pass a viable long-term transportation solution its projected that over 70 percent of spending will be needed to fund road preservation. Read More>>


Massachusetts needs an additional $8.4 billion infusion over the next decade to adequately fund repairs to its transportation system, particularly highways, according to “A Better City” report released Feb. 21. The state transportation department plans to invest $17 billion over the next five years in maintenance and modernization, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said. Read More>>