Minnesota state officials said Feb. 4 spending on a $2 billion light rail project scheduled to begin service in 2023 would continue, spurring the state’s economic momentum and keeping a potential recession at bay. Read More>>


Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jack Marchbanks on Feb. 5 called attention to a $1 billion budget gap. As a result, $2.4 billion worth of 2014 contracts will be reduced to $1.5 billion by 2020. Read More>>


Additionally, to address possible infrastructure funding shortfalls, Ohio State Sen. Bill Coley (R- 4) and State Rep. Jim Butler (R- 41) on Feb. 4 suggested raising the state gas tax for non-Ohioans while allowing state residents to verify that they have pre-paid a motor fuel tax. “This is one of many funding solutions being considered,” said Butler. Read More>>


Thanks to a 2017 South Carolina General Assembly bill, critical statewide bridge and road repairs continue. Chair of the South Carolina Department of Transportation Robby Robbins on Feb. 4 reminded residents that completing an overhaul of the state’s dilapidated infrastructure may cost up to $1 billion. Read More>>


Iowa state legislators on Feb. 4 requested recommendations from the Iowa Department of Transportation on how to best compensate for transportation revenue losses due to growing elective vehicle use. Read More>>


Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R- 107) on Feb. 5 expressed interest in altering how a sales tax is applied to fuel costs to ensure that transportation funding receives more revenue. Read More>>


Also in Michigan, director of the state department of transportation, Paul Ajegba, projects the state will need to double its transportation funding to improve state highways. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is expected to include transportation funding plans in her budget proposal. Read More>>


A new Arkansas coalition is urging state legislators on Feb. 7 to increase transportation funding toward the estimated $ 478 million in additional annual revenue needed to improve and preserve the road system. Read More>>