Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) Dec. 11 called on lawmakers to increase transportation funding in 2019, including raising the state gas tax and fees on fuel-efficient vehicles. Read More>>

Several Illinois local leaders, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, on Dec. 11 suggested a state gas tax increase of 20 to 30 cents-per-gallon to make needed investments in the state’s transportation infrastructure. Read More>>

The California Department of Transportation on Dec. 7 announced an allocation of over $600 million in revenue for hundreds of transportation projects, including $80 million of funding from Senate Bill 1 (2017), legislation that increased the state gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Voters on Nov. 6 rejected a repeal of that funding, ensuring that the revenue continues to be invested in the state’s transportation infrastructure. Read More>>

The Connecticut Department of Transportation requested on Dec. 10 that lawmakers invest $12.1 billion over the next five years into the agency’s capital plan for transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges and public transportation. The request reflects an increase of $4.4 billion over the previous five years. Read More>>

A local measure to increase funding for roads in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received over 60 percent voter approval on the Dec. 8 ballot. The measure, which will increase the local sales tax by a half-cent for 30 years, is estimated to generate $912 million in revenue. In November voters across the country approved over $31 billion in new and recurring state and local transportation investment. Read More>>