A Nov. 6 California ballot measure will decide whether to mandate a state referendum for any gas tax increases, retroactive to January 2017. The immediate impact would be the repeal of Senate Bill (SB) 1, which raises an estimated $5.2 billion annually for transportation infrastructure through a 12 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase and raises in other transportation-related expenses. More than 200 projects throughout the state risk delay or cancelation if SB1 is repealed. Read More>>

A Georgia tax revenue sheet released July 9 revealed an 8 percent, or $11.9 million, increase in gas tax revenue. A portion of gas tax revenue funds road and construction initiatives throughout the state. Read More>>

Maine legislators unanimously passed legislation on July 9 to place a transportation bond issuance measure on the November ballot. This measure would secure $106 million for various transportation projects throughout the state. Read More>>

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) signed a bill on July 2 establishing a 27-member commission to provide insight on long-term infrastructure plans. Read More>>

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) on July 6 suggested the possibility of a special session to secure an additional $200 million annually for transportation initiatives through taxes on internet sales, sports betting, and a state lottery. Read More>>

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) announced on July 1 a five-year transportation plan that will allocate an unprecedented $600 million to transportation projects throughout the state. Federal funding makes up 40 percent of the revenue. Read More>>

The Illinois Department of Transportation pledged $2 billion for infrastructure projects this year as part of a six-year, $11 billion transportation plan. Experts suggest that the new plan falls short by billions of dollars needed to address long-term infrastructure concerns. Read More>>

Ohio gubernatorial candidates on July 11 discussed ideas to provide new revenue for transportation infrastructure projects. Read More>>

Theresa Ranni, ARTBA TIAC/Economics Intern, contributed to this report.