Dozens of Georgia transportation projects do not have sufficient funding to move forward, according to a May 31 report by The Road Improvement Program (TRIP). Read More>>

The Oklahoma legislature’s diversion of transportation revenue to balance the general fund has caused one county to delay road projects until new revenue is available. Read More>>

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) announced May 29 that the state will invest $11.05 billion over the next six years to improve the state’s roads and bridges. The Illinois Department of Transporation’s Multi-Year Proposed Highway Improvement Program prioritizes projects that provide the most economic benefit to communities and utilizes asset management strategies to save money by addressing smaller repairs and avoiding large costs down the line.  Read More>>

A growing number of Wisconsin counties are utilizing an optional local “wheel tax”, an annual vehicle registration fee, to fund their transportation needs as state revenue declines. Read More>>

The American Society of Civil Engineers found that Idaho is facing a $3.6 billion transportation funding shortfall, despite a 7 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase enacted in 2015. Officials are considering various transportation funding options to close the funding gap. Read More>>

Almost 90 percent of Michigan drivers surveyed rate the state’s roads as fair or poor, according to results released by AAA Michigan May 29. Only 2 percent of respondents rated the roads as good or excellent. Though Michigan passed transportation funding legislation in 2015 that intended to raise  $1.2 billion annually, over 50 percent of survey respondents believed state and federal revenue was insufficient to keep up with roads in their current condition. However, most respondents were against raising taxes or fees to pay for improvements. Read More>>

Despite attacks about their support for a 2017 gas tax increase, both Indiana Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun (formerly of the state legislature) and State Rep. Jim Baird (R- Greencastle) won May 9 primaries and will advance to the November general election. House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) stated the victories confirm that Indiana voters support road funding. Read More>>

While a local 1-percent sales tax increase for transportation funding (T-SPLOST) initiative was narrowly defeated in 11 Middle Georgia counties on May 22, 18 counties in South Georgia approved their T-SPLOST initiative for an additional $500 million in revenue for roads and bridges. The tax increase must be approved by a majority of voters in the entire region to go into effect. Both increases had initially failed when proposed to voters on the ballot in 2012.