Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) on Jan. 31 released a proposal to stabilize the state’s dwindling Special Transportation Fund by increasing the state gas tax by 7 cents-per-gallon (phased in over four years), implementing statewide electronic tolling over the next five years, accelerating an already-approved proposal to transfer the car sales tax to the transportation fund, and creating a new $3 fee on tire purchases. The announcement comes three weeks after the governor and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) announced the indefinite postponement of $4.3 billion worth of transportation projects until new revenue is approved. In his speech, the governor pointed to several other states that have increased their gas tax recently to make necessary investments in transportation funding. Read More>>

West Virginia Transportation Secretary Tom Smith told state lawmakers on Jan. 29 that legislation to increase transportation funding approved last year is already making an impact on the state’s transportation infrastructure, with 300 projects on 1,000 miles of secondary roads already completed or ready for work. An additional $800 million in projects— half of a $1.6 billion bond approved by West Virginia voters in October— are planned to go out for bid in May. Read More>>

Despite transportation funding legislation signed into law in 2015, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Director Kirk Steudle warned on Detroit Today Feb. 1 that road conditions will continue to deteriorate. Read More>>

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) told reporters on Feb. 1 that he would possibly consider a transportation revenue increase if it was offset by tax cuts elsewhere, particularly if needed to maximize federal matching funds. Read More>>

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