New resource! View our “State Electric Vehicle Fees” report, a one-page summary and map of the 19 states that impose an additional fee on electric vehicles in order to ensure they contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the state’s transportation infrastructure.

A new poll released Oct. 4 found that a majority of Californians oppose the proposed 2018 repeal of the state’s recent gas tax increase. Read More>>

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced on Oct. 2 that the agency would cut 40 planned road projects worth over $204 million and delay 42 percent of all programmed projects for at least one year, the result of a state budget shortfall that has diverted about $838 million from ODOT’s funds.  The new “Eight-year Plan” will prioritize replacing or rehabilitating structurally deficient highways and bridges, while being unable to address ongoing state transportation challenges including congestion mitigation, safety improvements, and preventing infrastructure from falling into deficient status. The department’s executive director warned that more projects could be cut if lawmakers divert additional revenue. Some lawmakers are proposing increasing state fuel taxes to plug the state budget. Read More>>

While a new poll released Sept. 25 found that Mississippi voters would not support raising the state’s gas tax to fund public school funding, previous polling has found that residents would support an increase for transportation-related purposes. Read More>>

The Oregon Department of Transportation on Sept. 28 received two Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives grants from the Federal Highway Administration totaling $4.9 million to be used to extend the state’s mileage-based user fee pilot program. One grant will specifically help Oregon and California work on a joint interstate pilot program. Read More>>

North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon warned lawmakers on Oct. 2 that changes in how vehicles are fueled and driven could affect the state’s transportation funds. Read More>>

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 2 told Colorado Public Radio it is planning a campaign to put a state transportation funding increase on the ballot in 2018. Read More>>