A Mississippi bridge with a posted weight limit collapsed Aug. 28 when a truck that may have weighed more than the limit crossed it. Read More>>

Pennsylvania House Republicans proposed a state revenue plan on Sept. 5 that would reallocate funding from a variety of state accounts to fill a $2.2 billion deficit, including $507 million from mass transit, ports, rails and infrastructure accounts. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on Sept. 7 called the proposed cuts “cataclysmic” for the state’s 37 public transportation agencies. The proposal would be used to fund the state’s budget, which was approved in July without a spending plan. The proposal must now go before the House and Senate for approval, where it is predicted to meet resistance from both parties. Read More>>

Utah Department of Transportation Executive Director Carlos Braceras expressed in testimony at a Sept. 6 hearing before the state’s Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force, interest in beginning a small vehicles miles traveled (VMT) pilot program as early as next year. Read More>>

A legislative audit confirms the Arkansas Department of Transportation needs over $400 million additional revenue annually to meet its road and bridge construction and maintenance needs. The audit identified the exact shortfall at $478 million, much higher than the $400 million previously identified in the Governor’s Working Group on Highway Funding. Highway department director Scott Bennett stated an additional $204 million is needed for the share provided to cities and counties. Read More>>

While the federal government sent the Texas Department of Transportation $25 million to begin repairing damage to the state’s transportation infrastructure caused by Hurricane Harvey, Deputy Executive Director Marc Williams predicted the total amount for recovery will well exceed the federal funds. Damage is expected to surpass the impact from Texas’s last major hurricane in 2008, which cost over $150 million to repair. Read More>>

While revenue is still slowly being phased in from 2015 transportation funding legislation, Michigan Department of Transportation director Kirk Steudle admitted the state is struggling to control the deterioration of roads. Former Republican legislative leader Vicki Barnett stated that lawmakers did not have the courage to raise taxes and fees an adequate amount to address the state’s transportation funding needs, resulting in the state falling behind on maintenance and construction. Read More>>

A new transportation investment advocacy coalition of over 30 organizations representing manufacturers, farmers, economic development leaders, engineers, local leaders and more launched in Kentucky. The coalition, chaired by Juva Barber, executive director of Kentuckians for Better Transportation and a co-chair of the Transportation Investment Advocates Council, will work to find a long-term solution for the state’s transportation infrastructure needs. Read More>>