Updated resource! The “Variable-Rate State Gas Taxes: A Resource Guide of Current Laws” report provides in-depth information on all 20 states that have instituted a variable-rate state gas tax to fund their transportation infrastructure. The report provides an overview, clear maps and charts that break down the elements of variable-rate taxes, and a section for each state that explains its formula, the statute or law it originates from, and more.

U.S. motorists have driven 1.2 percent more miles in June 2017 than they did in June 2016, according to the latest vehicle miles traveled report from the Federal Highway Administration. The first half of 2017 saw a 1.6 percent increase when compared to the same time period last year. Read More>>

 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is considering proposing congestion pricing as a way to raise revenue for needed transit funding and decrease traffic in New York City. Read More>>

Several presenters at a Mississippi Senate Transportation Committee Hearing held Aug. 24 – 25 warned that the state’s transportation infrastructure was in dire need of additional revenue for maintenance and improvements. Engineer Jeff Dungan noted that 310 county bridges have been closed to traffic this year, up from 146 last year, and federally-mandated inspections of timber piling bridges could result in the closure of hundreds more. While the number of deficient bridges has decreased, the highway lane miles classified as poor or very poor grew from 5,045 to 8,986 in 2016. The Mississippi Department of Transportation has shifted its focus on repairing and replacing deficient bridges and poor highway lanes, resulting in a hold on new projects. As funding has not kept pace with inflation, new revenue options were explored, including increasing the state gas tax, weight fees, a state lottery, a hotel/motel tax, and tobacco products tax. Read More>>

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) authorized an advanced payment of $459 million from the state’s Motor License Fund to the general fund to cover state police costs, and an additional $241 million short-term loan for public school costs that will be repaid with interest by March 1. Despite the loan, State Treasurer Joe Torsella warned that by Sept. 15 the general fund will be in the negative if state lawmakers did not fully fund the approved budget. Read More>>

The West Virginia Department of Transportation released a list of 950 projects that would be completed if voters approve a $1.6 billion bond question on the Oct. 7 ballot. Read More>>

A report submitted to the Virginia General Assembly on Aug. 28 concluded that the state’s largest transit agencies face dire transportation funding needs, resulting in a shortfall of an estimated $200 million annually between 2020 and 2027. The Transit Capital Revenue Advisory Board’s analysis suggested four funding scenarios that would affect either the entire state or specific transit-heavy regions. Read More>>