Approved for the Nov. 2018 Ballot

  • Connecticut lawmakers voted to amend the state constitution to ensure all revenue deposited in the Special Transportation Fund (STF) be used solely for transportation purposes, including paying debt service on state obligations incurred for transportation purposes. Revenue sources designated for the STF are authorized by statute to be deposited there. The measure will go before voters in the November 2018 General Election.

Sent to Governor

  • A bill meant to gain voter trust in the transportation funding process by requiring the Louisiana Department of Transportation to create a multi-year timeline for construction projects and specify the source of revenue cleared the legislature unanimously on June 5 and now goes before Gov. John Bel Edwards (D).


  • The Maine House on June 5 gave initial approval to legislation that would establish a road usage charge task force.


  • Legislation that would have prevented the Louisiana state police from receiving transportation fund revenue on June 5 failed by three votes to achieve the required two-thirds majority approval needed to pass. The bill had previously been approved by the Senate on May 30.
  • A bill to redirect the Maine motor vehicle sales tax (and sales related to motor vehicles) from the state general fund to the transportation fund failed to advance on June 8.