The Arkansas Highway Commission announced on June 7 that it will seek to place a measure on the November 2018 General Election ballot that would raise up to $400 million annually in new revenue for road construction. Commission members will decide in the next few months on what type of initiative (constitutional or initiated act), proposed sources of funding, and target revenue amounts. Read More>>

A Colorado coalition decided against petitioning for a 2017 ballot measure to increase transportation funding, but will consider campaigning for a 2018 measure when a greater number of voters are expected to turn out. Read More>>

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled on June 5 that the diversion of local sales and use taxes on motor fuels— approved by House Bill 170 in 2015 — to non-transportation purposes is permissible because the term “motor fuel taxes” in the  state’s constitution applies to taxes paid by fuel distributors, not to the sales and use taxes collected on retail sales at the local level. Read More>>

Oklahoma Department of Transportation Director Mike Patterson on June 5 announced that the legislature’s diversion of $153 million from the agency’s road and bridge construction, maintenance and operations programs to close a general budget shortfall will lead to delays for some construction projects in its eight-year construction plan, but will not suspend any projects. Read More>>