Twenty-two states have passed legislation to increase motor fuel taxes for needed transportation investment over the past four years. An in-depth analysis of recent successful campaigns is one of the topics to be explored at the 4th Annual “National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates” on July 12 in Washington, D.C.

Four transportation advocates will provide a deep dive into their successful campaigns to increase state transportation funding, including insight into developing relationships with legislators, polling, traditional and digital marketing strategies, grassroots outreach, and more. Speakers will also present an in-depth explanation of the transportation funding packages passed in their states, with insight into why the bill succeeded, and best practices that can be utilized by other advocates seeking to increase funding in their own state.

Speakers include:

  • Jordan Marsh, vice president of the South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads. Marsh’s campaign was instrumental in helping lawmakers pass the first state gas tax increase since 1987.
  • Dennis Faulkenberg, president of APPIAN. Faulkenberg led the effort to increase Indiana’s state and local road funding by $1.2 billion annually.
  • Michael Quigley, executive director of the California Alliance for Jobs. Quigley organized a comprehensive campaign that resulted in a $52.4 billion transportation funding increase through a combination of motor fuel and vehicle registration increases.
  • Anthony Attanasio, executive director of UTCA NJ. Attanasio worked with lawmakers to find a compromise and pass a $16 billion transportation funding package, ending a three-month standoff that had halted all non-essential, state-funding transportation projects.

Other key sessions include:

  • “Tried & True: Raising Motor Fuel Taxes to Support New Transportation Investment”
  • “Alternative Transportation Funding Options”
  • “2013 State Gas Tax Increases: Where are They Now?”
  • “State Transportation Funding Champion Legislators”
  • “State and Local Transportation Funding Trends”
  • “Building America’s Economic Expressway Campaign”
  • “Federal Transportation Funding Developments”

View the full agenda and register at: Contact ARTBA’s Carolyn Kramer at or by phone at 202.683.1025 with questions.

The Workshop, a signature program of the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ (TIAC), is being held in conjunction with ARTBA’s Public-Private Partnerships (P3) in Transportation Conference.