• The South Carolina legislature voted May 10 to override Gov. Henry McMaster’s (R ) veto of H.3516. Read more about the bill, which includes a state gas tax increase, new electric and hybrid vehicle fees, and more. South Carolina is the fifth state to increase taxes on motor fuel to support needed transportation investment in 2017, and the 22nd state to do so since 2013.

Legislative Approval

  • The Colorado legislature approved a bill on May 9 that will provide a $1.8 billion bond for transportation funding. Earlier in the week an alternate bill to transfer 5 percent of state sales tax revenue failed.


  • Oregon lawmakers announced a plan on May 8 to raise $8.2 billion over the next 10 years for transportation funding. The plan would increase the state gas tax by 14 cents-per-gallon, raise vehicle registration fees, administer a one-tenth of 1 percent payroll tax for mass transit, create a 5 percent bicycle excise tax, and institute a dealer privilege tax of 1 percent on the purchase of new vehicles. The Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization will meet Wednesday to discuss potential changes before introducing the proposal in the legislature.


  • The Louisiana Senate unanimously voted on May 8 to remove the Louisiana State Police from receiving revenue from the Transportation Fund.


  • New Mexico Gov. Susan Martinez (R) on May 7 vetoed legislation to increase the state gas tax by 10 cents-per-gallon and raise the motor vehicle excise tax.
  • The Texas House voted 52-79 on House Bill 2861, rejecting the proposal that would have permitted the Texas Department of Transportation or regional mobility authorities to enter comprehensive development agreements in order to create public-private partnerships for transportation projects.