• Wisconsin Assembly Republicans presented a plan on May 4 to create a 5 percent sales tax on the average wholesale price of gasoline, while decreasing the flat excise tax paid at the pump.


  • South Carolina House lawmakers on May 3 voted 107-7 to reject the amendments made by the Senate on House Bill 3516. Both chambers appointed three members each for a conference committee to discuss a compromise.
  • Colorado legislation to transfer 5 percent of state sales tax revenue annually to fund the state’s transportation infrastructure cleared the Senate Finance Committee 3-2 on May 2. The bill, which would generate $300 million annually, is projected to face strong opposition in the House.
  • Oklahoma legislation that could increase the state gas tax by 6 cents-per-gallon cleared its first hurdle by receiving approval from the Joint Committee on Appropriations May 1.
  • Senate amendments on another Oklahoma bill to create registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles were rejected by the House on Mary 2. A conference committee was requested to discuss a compromise.